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UK workplace study finds people have been bullied and even fired for vaping

18 Nov UK workplace study finds people have been bullied and even fired for vaping

Shock new figures reveal more than a dozen Brits have been sacked… for vaping in the workplace.

Leading online vaping retailer E-Cigarette Direct carried out a nationwide – Vaping in the Workplace Study – which surveyed around 2,000 vapers, to understand their attitudes and experiences to a host of employment issues around vaping. Read more about the survey here.

It is thought to be the most comprehensive study of its type to be conducted in the UK – coming just weeks after the Government announced patients could soon be prescribed e-cigarettes on the NHS for the first time.

The E-Cigarette Direct Vaping in the Workplace Study found:

13 people admitted they had actually lost their jobs through vaping – with men (9) twice as likely as women (4) to get fired.

There were significant levels of discrimination aimed at vapers in the workplace. 224 vapers admitted to being discriminated against, with the North East a particular hotspot where they feel they are being treated differently.

Many vapers have also been bullied at work – with almost one in ten respondents working in the Real Estate sector alone lifting the lid on this issue.

The authors of the study hope to enhance understanding among employers around workplace vaping and lobby for change to challenge negativity towards this habit.

James Dunworth, Chairman of E-Cigarette Direct said: “It is quite shocking to learn people have actually lost their jobs due to vaping. It is also concerning many people have experienced bullying and discrimination.

“Vaping in the workplace is a little-explored area so we devised our study to help understand the challenges faced by vapers in the working world, and gather data to help employers make informed decisions to aid staff retention, health and morale.

“We spend at least a third of our waking lives at work and our working environment has a huge influence on our health and happiness – so these issues are hugely significant for people who wish to vape while at work.”

In contrast to smoking, people are legally allowed to vape inside. E-Cigarette Direct says there is no evidence passive vapour causes harm to bystanders (1) and says the UK Government actively encourages employers to provide a smoke-free area for vapers (2).

However, E-Cigarette Direct’s research found 75% of vapers are not allowed to vape at work, unless in dedicated smoking areas.