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TV Advertising | Benefits and Challenges of Television Ads

16 Feb TV Advertising | Benefits and Challenges of Television Ads

Although the internet has grown in popularity over the recent past, television has managed to remain a dominant platform for advertisements over the past few years. On average, it is estimated that people spend over four hours of each day watching television, making it one of the most common forms of entertainment. Such statistics explain why television adverts have remained largely effective.

There are many benefits to choosing television ads over other media. For instance, TV allows companies to access wider audiences, improving brand visibility. The medium also allows companies to actually show the benefits of ownership, demonstrating to clients how services and products work.

Television adverts have been popular for decades. However, with the relatively recent arrival of cable television, production costs were lowered. It also allowed for a chance to reach smaller and more targeted audiences. This means that television ads are now a viable option even for small and mid-sized companies.

While there are many benefits of television advertisement over most media, some challenges exist. In this article, we summarize the benefits and drawbacks associated with TV ads.

The Benefits of Television Advertising

Thinking about choosing a television advertisement to market your product or service? Here are some notable benefits that you will likely enjoy.

  • Television Ads Grab Attention of Audiences

One amazing benefit of choosing television as a medium of advertising is that it tends to grab audiences’ attention. Millions of people around the world still watch television. The platform offers businesses a chance to show large audiences how their products and services are better than those of competitors. The main advantage of TV is that it can capture the audience’s focus right away, whether it is marketing college essay writing services or specific products.

  • TV Combines the Power of Sound With Sight

Unlike print advertising that only offers compelling headlines and graphics to persuade people, television combines the power of visual graphics with sound. With print ads, the business can only hope that audiences will read the entire piece and link the information to the product or service. With radio, there is the benefit of sound, but visuals are lacking. Television advertisements are impressive because they offer both sound and sight. Their intrusive nature means that they can interrupt what viewers may have been doing.

  • Television Fosters Empathy and Emotion

Well-planned television advertisements are created to appeal to the emotion of audiences. It allows the business to shape how the viewers will react to the information. It is the advertiser’s work to determine whether he or she wants the audience to smile, cry, or laugh. While it is possible to attain such an effect with print media, it is impossible to manage how the words will be read, including the areas that will emphasize.

  • Television Ads Reach a Wider and More Targeted Audience

One of the main perks of using TV ads is that there is a big chance to reach a huge audience instantly. There is also the possibility to target your ads to focus on specific audiences. For instance, if your intended audience is work-from-home or stay-home parents, you can buy daytime slots. Those who manufacture or sell toys can target cartoons.

  • Television Advertisements Run in Full Screen

Another benefit of choosing television ads is that they run on full screen. This means that your advertisement will not be struggling for space on a muddled webpage. Also, the ad will not be restricted to the bottom of an application. Understand that most smartphone users these days have ad blockers in their smartphones. Also, there is no option to skip advertisements when it comes to television programs.

Challenges Associated With Television Advertisements

While there are many reasons to choose television adverts over most media, some challenges exist. For instance, TV adverting implies a big production that demands considerable effort. As a business, you not only need to hire professional scriptwriters, actors and directors. The entire production process is time-consuming and stressful.

Also, the costs associated with television advertising can be prohibitive, particularly for small and medium companies. Despite all the advantages, many businesses find it expensive to place adverts on television. Also, the cost of production is another budget buster. If you choose to save money by cutting corners during production, the outcome can be disastrous. Before choosing to place adverts on television, understand that making changes can be complicated and costly. You may need to reshoot the entire ad.