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Top casino software providers

07 Apr Top casino software providers

If you have some savings stashed safely under your mattresses and you think about investing some of that hard-earned cash into any non-competitive business endeavor, take our advice. Do not invest in casino software, because it is a cutthroat market with fierce and wild competition. That is some bad news for future entrepreneurs but great news for players worldwide, as best innovations are born from the depths of a fiercely competitive markets.


For all you seasoned gamblers out there, this is a household name that brought you your favorite slot titles that you adore so much. Any casino expert that cares about its reputation will cooperate with this software firm sooner or later. Better sooner than later, because they are indiscriminate toward other companies willing to do business with them, so you might end up empty-handed. Players usually browse trusted casinos online by checking if they have Microgaming games in their catalog.


This company provides complete integrated solutions for anyone willing to take chances in this casino business. They make top-notch games while also contributing support in facilitating game portfolio integration into any desired platform. It has become a tradition for any instant withdrawal online casino to acquire NetEnt services for making gaming experience as smooth as possible.


These are the pioneers of mobile gaming solutions who recognized the potential of this niche when smartphones were still a blueprint. Focusing their efforts on one particular segment of this market resulted in creating a second-to-none portfolio of titles that and more than mobile-friendly. They are blended into mobile platforms so much that they are considered as their integral part. The variety of casino and betting solutions for UK players by this link paints the software provider in a positive light. They also provide business managing solutions for some serious casino diagnostics, which is a powerful tool for all aspiring casino operators.

EGT Interactive

This company steadily grew over the last decade into becoming one of the most prominent European gaming software providers. They have a lot of experience and they are making waves across this industry so much that even some companies dubbed as the best casino in UK are showing interest in dealing with them. They are one of the first East -European developers to gain worldwide recognition.


We dare you to guess what kind of games is this company producing. That is right, they specialize and excel in making the most compelling slot games known to man. If you are a slot fanatic, do not abstain from trying one of their many supreme titles in this category.

Play’n GO

The trademark of this firm is their supreme animation, which is infused into every game that comes out of their workshop. From slots to classic table games, one cannot stay indifferent once he casts his gaze on some of these pieces of art. We are surely looking forward to seeing more astonishing titles coming out from this game factory.

Evolution Gaming

In this business, it is most important to pick your niche in the beginning and stick to it. This ensures developing crucial skills and becoming an expert in one special segment of the market. This company did just that while immersing themselves into the live gaming division. Their live streaming plus live dealer games are an industry standard at this point, while they constantly bring more exciting innovations into this game.


Take your pick from any aforementioned company and you won’t make any mistake. These are industry leaders, people who believe in their vision and love what they do. Their passion for making quality games is what drives them forward and what brings the players countless hours of pure joy.



Frankie Wilde – is a content writer at various gambling sites. Also, he is a passionate traveller and a great cook. Frankie shares informative articles with the world.