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Thurrock MP visits Brentwood Centre to learn more about Fitness in Mind

29 Jun Thurrock MP visits Brentwood Centre to learn more about Fitness in Mind

It’s celebrations all round for Fitness In Mind today as they release their interim report detailing the fantastic progress made over the first 27 months of the revolutionary project to improve the district’s mental wellbeing through physical activity.

The Fitness In Mind Brentwood programme began in January 2016 as a three-year project targeting inactive local people with mental health problems, supported by Sport England, and in collaboration with lead partner Brentwood Leisure Trust.  The programme has engaged 1379 people to date across 20 districts, offering 568 sessions of 24 sports with 10,571 peer support hours.

The results of the project are astounding, with a decrease in low mental wellbeing of 17% and a fall in physical inactivity by 27%.


Mental wellbeing among participants has seen a 30% positive change, physical wellbeing 33% and social wellbeing 22%, results never before seen in similar projects, and potentially paving the way for the use of physical activity as part of the solution for the growing issue of mental health in our communities.

The results are being presented at a huge event today attended by dignitaries including Jackie Doyle-Price MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Mental Health and Inequalities, plus representatives from Sport England, Clinical Commissioners and those who have been instrumental in making the programme a success.