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Theydon Bois Primary School celebrates a fantastic win at the RPRA’s 2020 Show of the Year

17 Mar Theydon Bois Primary School celebrates a fantastic win at the RPRA’s 2020 Show of the Year

After the success of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association’s (RPRA) 2020 British Homing World Show of the Year in January, Theydon Bois Primary School is celebrating coming fourth in the Junior Member Class ‘Likeliest Hen Show Racer’ category. In total, Fifty pigeons were entered into this class, highlighting what a fantastic result this is for Theydon Bois Primary School. Having never before entered the awards, this was a proud first-time win for the school.

Situated in the picturesque village in Epping, Theydon Bois Primary School started its journey into the world of pigeon racing in 2019. After the primary school arranged for the RPRA to visit its pupils to discuss the well detailed history of pigeons in war, Theydon Bois was interested in setting up a school pigeon loft. Come June 2019, the school’s pigeon loft was funded and delivered by the RPRA along with several show pigeons. The school planned to enter these pigeons in the Junior Showing category at the 2020 Show of the Year.

Dubbed the ‘Crufts of the pigeon world’, the RPRA’s Show of the Year took place at Blackpool’s renowned Winter Gardens on Saturday 18 January and Sunday 19 January. The largest gathering of pigeon fanciers in the UK, over 2,000 racing pigeons were judged in different classes. After Theydon Bois Primary School’s exciting win, RPRA’s Development Officer, Richard Chambers, delivered a prize card to the delighted school. Theydon Bois Primary School will now be purchasing racing pigeons to fly them in its local pigeon racing club.

The school is also assessing how they can integrate their beloved pigeons into the teaching curriculum. Encouraging young people to get into pigeon racing, The RPRA continues to offer its young pigeon fancier scheme as it works alongside schools. This is a scheme currently being explored by many schools.

Ian Evans, the CEO of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association says: “Theydon Bois Primary School is a fantastic example of the future of the pigeon racing sport. They thoroughly deserved their win at the Show of the Year and we are proud to have funded their pigeon loft. The school has done exceptionally well for their first ever competition entry and its unprecedented for a school to win. They should be very proud, we look forward to helping more schools like Theydon Bois Primary School get into the pigeon racing sport. ”

Teacher of Harewood Class at Theydon Bois Primary School, Sian Farley says: “The school children are over the moon with our 4th place win at the Show of The Year. The RPRA’s support with helping us set up a pigeon loft in the school is incredible, we are extremely grateful. We are now looking forward to purchasing some racing pigeons and entering them in races. Watch this space!”