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“There’s lots more to come. I’m not done yet says” @vangelispoly

02 Aug “There’s lots more to come. I’m not done yet says” @vangelispoly

24-year-old Vangelis Polydorou landed a spot on Boy George’s team on The Voice with his rendition of Do You Really Want To Hurt Me.

We had a chat with the half Greek, half Scottish singer to find out more about his upcoming projects and his working in supporting the LGBT community.

Q.Tell our readers who is Vangelis Polydorou ?

VP:Why do I find this question so hard? Haha. I’d say, a very determined, funny individual (if I do say so myself) who loves to sing, very competitive but has a good heart and always seeks perfection. I’ve gotten better with that though!

Q.You made it through to the Semi-Finals on The Voice, how was it ?

VP:The whole show was a great experience. To make it from 48,000 singers into the semi finals was just wow. It’s so hard to get on one of these shows so it was a massive achievement for me. The show was the platform I needed, I’m no longer just Vangelis the singer down the road but someone who can say he’s achieved something so it has helped give my name some worth and get my foot in the door.

Q.Going back to your cookery days, what was your best dish ?

VP:Well, I wasn’t actually a cook I just sold frozen food that chefs had cooked in a place called COOK…I know very confusing BUT I can make a good banana cake and I know that’s not really a dish but it’s something right?

Q.So whats next now, after The Voice for you ?

VP:Since The Voice I closed The British LGBT Awards which was incredible. I’ve been singing up and down the country for Pride and other gigs. I’ve signed to a Management and PR agent and an Acting Agent. There’s lots more to come. I’m not done yet.

Q.You’re a great advocate for the LGBT community, tell us more about what youre doing ?

VP:I  hope that being myself can inspire others to do so. I’m actually working with gay star news at the moment on a project to help younger gay teens. I’ve also spoken recently in attitude magazine about how important it is for artists to be open an honest about their sexuality, especially in the public eye. I think if you’re gay and your hiding it because you think it’ll affect your career…I think that’s sad and wrong and doesn’t set a good example.

Q.What are some of the pressures of being an artist in this day and age ?

VP:Staying true to yourself and your music. I would say there’s also a pressure on girls especially with their image and age. The industry as a whole is very ageist. I think every artist has to go through rejection aswell and that is pressure within itself. What if it doesn’t work out? You just have to keep believing it.

Q.What can we expect from you in the near future ? 

VP:I’m working in the studio at the moment. One of the songs is a dance cover of a song from the naughties. I’m also working on another original dance track and I’m using PledgeMusic to make my own originals album which has had great success and will be going ahead.