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The secret life of men in the east of England laid bare

31 Oct The secret life of men in the east of England laid bare

THE secret world of the British male has been laid bare as men across the country admit hiding beauty products, debt and text messages[1]from their other halves.

Men have owned up to keeping a secret stash of face masks and tanning products – and have even hidden nose and ear trimmers[2]from their partners.

And blokes are just as tight-lipped when it comes to hiding personal messages, sneaking a crafty cigarette and being honest about their monthly outgoings.

Twice as many men (18%) in the eastern region as women (nine per cent) claim to have a secret personal grooming treasure trove.

Hair loss treatments and hair dye are among the top 10 grooming items men keep away from the prying eyes of their other halves.

And ten per cent of men in the east of England say they have been to get secret beauty treatments in their lunch hour.

Seven per cent of men in the area said they had been for secret lunchtime Botox sessions, with other popular lunch hour treatments including facials and hair removal.

Millennials aged 25-34 are the most secretive about their beauty regime, with 65% admitting to hiding grooming products compared to 33% of 18-24-year-olds and 13% of 45-54-year-olds.

And Millennial men are the most (76%) likely to get a crafty beauty treatment on their lunch break, according to a survey for Wahl by Atomik Research.