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The Internet Continues To Make Traditional Activities More Accessible

12 Oct The Internet Continues To Make Traditional Activities More Accessible

One of the big choices now available to everyone in Essex is whether to go out to enjoy one of their favourite activities in the usual way, or else try the online version. This is something that can be seen in a number of diverse sectors, such as the following.

Essex Birdwatching Livestreams

Bird watching is the sort of activity that you might think can only be enjoyed live rather than online. There are several terrific bird watching areas, such as the Essex Wildlife Trust and the Nite Owls centre, where visitors can get close to nature and enjoy a unique experience.

Perhaps surprisingly, it is also now possible to enjoy this wholesome, fascinating activity on your computer too. The Essex Birdwatching Society has set up a special page for people to register the different birds that they see, and there are live webcams you can follow too.

The World of Online Casinos

You will find some popular casinos in Essex, with Southend being a particularly good spot to place a bet on the blackjack or roulette tables, as well as to play some slots machines. In recent years, the rise of online casino sites has given an alternative to anyone who wants to place some bets but feels more comfortable doing it at home.

One of the easiest ways to get started is to look at the internet casinos that offer a no deposit bonus or cash match deal to their new players. Sites such as Casino Room and Cobra Casino are among those where big welcome bonuses are given to anyone who signs up. The amount of competition in this area means online casinos are always looking to best competitors when it comes to deals, which is why it’s wise to look around to get the best value for money.

Art From the Region

There are plenty of great art galleries dotted across Essex too, so no matter what type of art you get most pleasure from, there are many places worth checking out. The Munnings Art Museum and Dedham Art & Crafts Centre are among the best places to visit when you want to see some art.

Yet, there are also online alternatives in this area now too. For instance, 2020 saw the Essex Summer of Art gallery go online for the first time, with more than many local artists taking part.  We can expect to see more virtual events of this type in the future too.

Horse Racing at Chelmsford

If you can’t get to the racecourse in Great Leighs then you can follow the action online easily enough. One of the best ways of streaming horse races is through betting sites, as they will often provide live coverage of many of the day’s races.

Betting on the horses at Chelmsford has been a popular activity since this racecourse opened for business in 2008 and it is now one of the UK’s busiest horse racing venues, with over 50 race days planned for 2020.


There has never been a better time to enjoy the best that Essex has to offer in the way that most suits you. The arrival of online options for many of our favourite types of entertainment has added a greater degree of flexibility in many different areas.