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The Bunker Below: The incredible and scarily authentic Halloween experience opening in Essex

07 Oct The Bunker Below: The incredible and scarily authentic Halloween experience opening in Essex

An exciting new Halloween spectacular is opening in Essex and it’s set to become a go-to scare-spot this October. The Bunker Below, based in Brentwood, Essex, is taking place within a genuine ex-government nuclear bunker; 125ft underground, visitors will descend into an electrifying, exciting and interactive Halloween experience…

Founded by a team of industry experts with over 20 years’ experience in creating scares and thrills, The Bunker Below is like nothing Halloween lovers have ever seen before. The event is the only UK Halloween experience running in an ex-government bunker, which also happens to be the South East’s biggest and deepest. Not only does this interactive experience provide visitors with scares, laughs and memories, it is also scarily authentic… The bunker’s very setting was a government headquarters during the Cold War, meaning its home to decades of history and the potential for a wonderfully spooky experience.

Upon arriving at The Bunker Below, visitors will be thrown into a story that reflects the unique history of the bunker:

‘A top-secret military organisation based deep underground in an ex-government bunker has been conducting research into the science of fear and a terrifying discovery has been made… They have uncovered an audio recording known only as ‘The Signal’ which drives anyone who hears it mad, twisting your brain and creating visions from the depths of your very worst fears. ‘The Signal’ can no longer be shut down and the experts working on this project are now locked inside the bunker… are you brave enough to join them?’

Visitors will be briefed when entering the bunker: “We have lost control of ‘The Signal’ so we are sending test subjects through to examine its effects… You are our test subjects.”

The Bunker Below boasts over 20 staff and professional scare actors who are passionately dedicated to creating an exceptional experience for visitors. Discussing these events and why The Bunker Below is an unmissable Halloween destination, its Founder, Antony White, says:

‘The team behind The Bunker Below have years of experience within the scare industry; we know what spooks and ultimately what people want from a truly great Halloween experience. However, when we saw the bunker even we were blown away! It’s an incredible location with an unparalleled history and endless potential; we knew we could host a mind-blowing experience inside its walls.

The Bunker Below is full of jump scares, psychological thrills and an unforgettable atmosphere. It really is a unique Halloween experience and we know people will love it.’

The Bunker Below experience will be opening on Friday 22nd October, running through to Halloween night (31st October). There is also a ‘Bunker Café’ available to visitors, with delicious Halloween treats available both before and after the experience.

Tickets for The Bunker Below are on sale now and available via – visitors are encouraged to book as soon as possible as slots are limited.