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Tasha Turner: Thank God Gary Barlow’s failed TV venture is over

25 Feb Tasha Turner: Thank God Gary Barlow’s failed TV venture is over

Is it just me or Gary Barlow just completely failed, I’m glad we got the Let It Shine finale or rather Let It Fail finale out of the way! I know Xfactor has always been cringeworthy by Simon Cowell and his troops keep it entertaining something that Gary and BBC totally failed to grasp.

So upon its inception last year we were told that over eight weeks of competition, BBC One and Gary Barlow will be looking for talented individuals to form a new group that exudes the charisma, showmanship and stage presence that the hit group has become so famous for.

Gary was joined by three mentors each week on Let It Shine to find the very best talent the country has to offer. The winning group which was selected earlier tonight will perform the hits of the band in a nationwide musical stage show called The Band.

Who in their right mind thought of such a fantastic (NOT)idea ?!

Although as you know any idea is only as good as it is executed, needless to say on a Saturday night slot where viewers have various options of other shows to watch Let It Shine has just struggles even in the ratings to complete with fellow Saturday night pleasures.

So when news broke this afternoon that Robbie Williams had CANCELLED his sopranos on the show tonight I wasn’t munched surprised, reports said Robbie is suffering from a mystery “ailment” and was instead be replaced by Peter Kay on the judging panel.

Well I’ll tell you what no one in their right mind will be crawling to judge what I can only describe as a pile of crap!

Anyway in other news, The Voice is still on so long live the Saturday night pleasures. That’s all from me

Tasha xx