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Tamar Higgs talks being part of the movie world

25 Apr Tamar Higgs talks being part of the movie world

Model and performer Tamar Higgs got her taste of the movie industry after being asked to grace her voice for the soundtrack of hit film We Still Steal The Old Way, she has shared her experience with us.

Tamar told us “This song came about because I sent my album demos to Jonathan Sothcott to get a trusted friend’s opinion.

“He liked the songs, but thought they wouldn’t really work for his style, so I took a punt and one long weekend worked with my producer to create something specifically for him. 

“He loved it and the rest is history. 

Tamar who for the past five years she has been quietly developing her career as a singer-songwriter added “It worked out wonderfully because I had been wanting to write a sexy, Bond-style, Brit rock kind of song. And here it is. 

She added “Without realising it, he’s ended up influencing the the whole sound of my album – and now we are much more alternative rock-sounding and I’m loving it.

It’s way more me!

“It’s an honour to be part of this Brit movie world and part of such a successful sequel. I loved the movie and laughed a lot when I saw it.

Tamar is now working on her debut album with a London-based producer, Gavin Hammond.

The first song for The Love Letters duo is the theme song the movie, We Still Steal The Old Way, is on iTunes and all digital outlets now. The Love Letters’ debut EP ‘Total Redux’ will be released in May.