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Swap Out the Sugar with Real Good Ketchup

03 Nov Swap Out the Sugar with Real Good Ketchup

If you are looking to make some healthy diet changes this New Year, then reach for Real Good Ketchup.

Real Good Ketchup is the perfect healthy choice if you’re making some simple but delicious healthy swaps. Made from 100% natural ingredients, it is allergen-free and vegan-friendly, and has no added sugar whatsoever! Furthermore, its sweetness comes from naturally occurring sugars only.

Real Good Ketchup is made from fresh Mediterranean tomatoes to give it a rich and natural tomato taste that can elevate your food. Plus, with a staggering 80% less sugar and salt compared to other popular brands, you no longer have to feel guilty about slathering your veggie burger and chips with lots of sauce! Deliciously versatile, Real Good Ketchup is also a great addition to pasta sauces, dips and can be used as a marinade.

Real Good Ketchup comes in 100% recyclable and BPA-free bottles and is available in two sizes, 310g (RRP £2.20) and 700g (RRP £2.99) from Ocado and Amazon.