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STUDY: Women in Essex really are ‘better’ drivers than men

29 Aug STUDY: Women in Essex really are ‘better’ drivers than men

Are men or women safer drivers? The age-old debate has raged across the dashboard since driving licences were introduced in 1903 – and the confusion has finally been cleared up.

New data obtained by has found that women in the East of England are in fact safer drivers than men, despite female motorists across the country having been wrongly accused of being ‘bad drivers’ for many years.

This conclusion comes from an analysis of car insurance data in the region, as well as recorded motoring offences in the region – the majority of which were committed by men.

According to the data, 43,309 drivers across the East of England appeared in court for motoring offences in 2017. But men are the worst culprits, accounting for a staggering 35,615 (82%) of the offences, compared to 7,694 women.

This could explain why women in the region are paying £59 less for their car insurance than men, on average, according to the latest car insurance price index by The index revealed that female motorists in the region now pay £605, compared to £664 which is paid by male drivers, on average.