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Street Tag ‘Season One’ sees Basildon borough clock-up 13 million steps

25 Sep Street Tag ‘Season One’ sees Basildon borough clock-up 13 million steps

Basildon borough has proved that it is finding positive ways to be active with over 13 million steps logged via the new family game Street Tag.

Basildon Street Tag Season One saw families collect 47,469 tags in Basildon, which added up to 20,299 miles covered by residents during game play.

Season One recently ended, running from June to September, and the results have shown thousands of families in the borough are keen on competition and movement and finding healthy ways to get active.

The tags works by the Street Tag app opening a map of your surrounding area, displaying ‘tags’. You walk, run or cycle towards those tags, then virtually scan the tag once you’re there—helping people keep active while having fun and competing for leader status in the game. Various challenges also encourage people to move, offering time-based incentives and game-based goals to get active.

Seun Oshinaike, the founder of Street Tag, said: “What an incredible start to the Street Tag experience in Basildon!

“Families in Basildon have shown us how walking and cycling around the community can become a positive routine within three months across different age groups.

“13 million steps is a huge triumph.

“We are looking forward to having more families and local businesses’ staff using Street Tag to plan their movement around Basildon. Together we are making physical activities fun, easy to do and together we can reach 100 million steps by the end of 2021.”

In feedback on the game, borough residents like Rachel have said that it’s a great way to get active: “I’ve really been enjoying it—I’ve found Power Hour and the Health Tag challenge encouraging!”

The leader board reset recently, and the top 10 teams all won prizes.

Borough resident Gurnam, from team KBD1, quoted Confucius after getting a winning place: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

Basildon Street Tag Season Two is happening now; join via: