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Strawberries & Creem Festival revellers discuss their best bits

18 Jun Strawberries & Creem Festival revellers discuss their best bits

by Lauren Brown

Yesterday saw over 5,000 revellers descend upon Haggersfield Farm in Cambridge for another episode of Strawberries & Creem Festival which was back bigger and better this year.

Blogger Shope Delano told us “This is actually my first festival but I love how small and intimate it feels we cannot wait for Shaggy to make a comeback!”

Whilst a Londoner Daniel James discussing Strawberries and Creem festival told us “The general vibe is more welcoming, it’s a lot more free. The complete difference in genre has allowed a wider variety of people attending which makes people feel a lot more opening and accepting.”

The two words that re-occurred with most revellers where Sunshine and Vibes! The weather pitching in at 28 degrees played a huge role whilst  a really nice crowd made it an easy going day for all in attendance.

The jam packed line up saw Wiley, Shaggy, J-Hus, AJ Tracey and many more take to the stage to entertain revellers some of whole travelled from as far as Leeds!