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Stephen Metcalfe MP has a weekend to Remember

13 Nov Stephen Metcalfe MP has a weekend to Remember

Stephen Metcalfe, Member of Parliament for South Basildon & East Thurrock, has spent the weekend remembering the fallen who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

The weekend started (11/11/17) with a special breakfast with the Basildon Borough Veterans Breakfast Club.

The commemorative breakfast was followed by an Act of Remembrance during which at 11 am precisely they all observed silence – marking 99 years on from the end of hostilities. The occasion ended with a Toast to the Fallen. 

Basildon Borough Veterans Breakfast Club are a group of veterans & serving members of Her Majesties Armed Forces. Like other Veteran’s Breakfast Clubs around the country & overseas, their ethos is one of mutual support, humour and shared outlook. Their aim is to enhance the social life of servicemen and women, maintaining the camaraderie enjoyed in their service days.

That evening, Mr. Metcalfe then opened the production of ‘The Sons of Three Countries Remembered’ at Woodlands School in Basildon. Part of the ‘Never Forget Project’, the evening’s performance proved to be a great achievement, showcasing all the dedicated work of those involved and befitting to those who have fallen for us.