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Stars to descend on London Alternative Fashion Week

18 Sep Stars to descend on London Alternative Fashion Week

This Thursday, London Alternative Fashion Week makes its debut for one night only and the much anticipated event is set to be a star-studded affair.

With the runway show beginning at 7pm, this will showcase some amazing talented designers and models whilst a collection of comedians and artists will make it a show like no other!

Star’s expected to present awards at the glitzy event include Sinitta, Winston George Ellis, Kamil Lemie, Cream BoomTown. Alexander Reid, Victoria Eisermann, Victor Hugo, George Newton, Wendy Turner Webster, Gary Webster, Karen Chamberlain and Amrick Channa!


One of the organisers Aleah Leigh told this outlet “I have planned a full night of entertainment with super creative and quality performers’, she aslo promised “an explosion of art from the moment you arrive”.


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