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Staff shortage highlighted ahead of Wednesday’s budget

25 Oct Staff shortage highlighted ahead of Wednesday’s budget

Wednesday’s budget will be monumental in taking another step towards post-pandemic recovery, with the government announcing their commitment to invest £3 billion to build a high wage, high skill economy – alongside the Prime Minister’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee programme.

Key to the government’s plans will be tackling staff shortages, which has reached a 20 year high of almost 1.2 million people – according to the ONS. Data also reveals that the number of unfilled jobs have risen from 6% in April to more than 10% in September, with a crippling shortage of programmers and software development professionals, where 68,929 vacancies exist in a sector that has become crucial for the survival of modern-day businesses.

With this in mind, DCSL GuideSmiths – a business that assists companies in digital transformation – have significantly expanded their Team Augmentation proposition to market, filling vital vacancies in less than 3 weeks in some of the most sought-after and highly skilled sectors, compared to the average 63 days in traditional processes of recruitment. Ranging from software development to programming, DCSL GuideSmiths slashes the cost of high-end ‘parachute’ talent. While costs of traditional recruitment often spiralling to up to £50,000, DCSL GuideSmiths deliver entire projects with significant savings.

What is Team Augmentation and how does it work?
Team Augmentation provides top level, critical talent to businesses where and when they most need it at a fraction of the cost. DCSL GuideSmiths aims to deliver top quality talent that combine the benefits of both outside contractors and in-house team.

The process includes 4 key stages:
Understanding project requirements, identifying deliverables, talent required, and timeline
DCSL matches requirements with a team of over 300 skilled software engineers
Onboarding integrates new resources into existing businesses, ensuring that it aligns to the values, processes and procedures of the company
Weekly catchups and monthly feedback assists in ensuring that DCSL GuideSmiths provide continual support towards project delivery

Nick Thompson, CEO of DCSL GuideSmiths, discusses the service and why it could be key to boosting jobs within the UK:

“Our Team Augmentation service is here to help small businesses gain access to the kind of talent that is often swallowed up by the big players. Not only that, it allows access to this talent at a fraction of the cost of traditional routes. The other main advantage is the time it takes to plug gaps in the team, with traditional methods taking, on average, 63 days. Our team augmentation offer will deliver it significantly faster.

“The shortage of programmers and software developers has come at a time when businesses need them most, with many relying on digital transformation and app development for their growth and survival. Thousands of businesses have survived COVID only to find themselves stuck in a dearth of the skilled individuals needed to grow and bounce back.”