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Southend-on-Sea shopping centre launches series of coffee mornings with a dash of inspiration

15 Apr Southend-on-Sea shopping centre launches series of coffee mornings with a dash of inspiration

A shopping centre in Southend-on-Sea is launching a series of 10 free-to-attend coffee mornings, that are designed to uplift and inspire visitors with a whole of roast of exciting new ideas.

Each of the weekly sessions will be held at the Utopia Coffee Lounge and follow a different theme, with guest speakers and experts who will help you to open your mind to new ways of thinking, learn new skills, make new friends have a good giggle!

Because each session is free, you don’t need a latte money, just enough for your favourite cuppa. The Royals will supply the cake and the workshop.

The first coffee morning will take place on Tuesday 23 April and the subsequent events will then run every Tuesday – between 10am and 11am – for the following nine weeks, until Tuesday 25 June.

Getting the series underway (on 23 April) will be a mental health and wellbeing workshop, as Royals Centre Manager Dawn Jeakings explains: “We could all do with a positive boost from time to time. Connecting with others who share similar stories can make us happier and healthier too. Our mental health workshop will give attendees tried, tested and trusted tips on how to frame a better mindset in daily life.”

A week later (30 April) join Reward Fitness’ Director, Dannielle Emery, who will give you loads of terrific advice and guidance on how to eat and live healthily.

On 7 May we’re getting crafty – literally – with our hobbies workshop. Believe it or not but crochet is back and seriously cool. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced crocheter, this calming activity can help to relieve stress and inspire creativity.

The opening verse of Dolly Parton’s classic song 9 to 5 begins with “Tumble out of bed, and stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition, and yawn and stretch and try to come to life”. If your career or life aspirations need a wake-up then the workshop on 14 May is essential! Leading motivational speaker Patricia Putt will give you more get-up-and-go than a quadruple espresso.

Bringing an oasis of calm by the sea, Paula Mayura’s yoga workshop on 21 May will teach you about its physical, mental and emotional benefits. All of which will help you to discover a new way to lead a more balanced life.

There are many public services in Southend, designed to help local people stay well and protect their health. However, knowing precisely what is available and how to access them can be a little baffling, so our Public Health workshop on 28 May will be a huge help for many people.

The Royals’ massage workshop on 4 June – led by Hummingbird Therapies – will show you the benefits of massage and you can even treat yourself to a taster experience.

Singing brings a broad range of wellbeing benefits, not just helping you to do justice while warbling away in the shower. The Sweet Charity Choir workshop on 11 June will start your day on a real high note.

Mark 18 June in your diary if you’ve ever wanted to experience what it’s like to have your very own personal shopper. This hour-long special, organised by Debenhams, will reveal how custom styling can transform your look and wardrobe.

The 10th and final workshop takes place on 25 June and is a beauty masterclass, hosted by the glamorous team at Debenhams. If you’re looking to enhance your skincare regime or get some new makeup tricks, their experts are poised to share the tricks of the trade and reveal the makeup secrets of the stars.

Dawn Jeakings says: “Come along and join us for any or all of our unique sessions in the centre throughout the 10 weeks. They’re all completely free to attend, there’s no pressure and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll learn something new each time and come away feeling inspired to try different things.”