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Skydiving Named Biggest Fear in East Anglia

31 Aug Skydiving Named Biggest Fear in East Anglia

New research has revealed East Anglia’s biggest fears!  More than half of the region (53%) are scared of sky-diving, followed by public speaking (37%) and taking exams (8%). Just (2%) of people from East Anglia said they were fear-free.

The research conducted by Explore Learning, one of the UK’s leading providers of maths and English tuition for children aged four to 14, also found that when residents from East Anglia were children, more than a third were most afraid of getting something wrong (40%), making new friends (23%)and the dark (18%).

Just (10%) of residents from East Anglia do something that scares them every day,  half feel the fear occasionally (50%) and (33%) rarely do something that scares them.

Despite their admitted worries, parents from East Anglia are making sure these feelings are not shared by their children. More than half (53%) felt strongly about encouraging their children to be fearless by teaching them mistakes are okay and to face challenges head on (11%). While (28%) said overcoming your biggest fears is something to be really proud of.