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Singer-songwriter Oh Susanna announces her new single ‘Sacrifice‘

12 Jun Singer-songwriter Oh Susanna announces her new single ‘Sacrifice‘

Americana singer-songwriter Oh Susanna announces her new single ‘Sacrifice (Acoustic Version)’.

The song is accompanied by another Behind The Song video, and is taken from the deluxe edition re-release of her critically acclaimed album Sleepy Little Sailor, to be released September 4th 2020. The album will be available on CD, Digital and, for the first time, on vinyl, featuring the original 11 songs, plus acoustic recordings of 5 of the songs, including the title track.

To celebrate the release, Oh Susanna will be performing a socially distanced streamed concert at British Colombia’s The Clutch tonight, with special guests Samantha Parton from The Be Good Tanyas and Veda Hille.

The new acoustic version of ‘Sacrifice’ is a poignant reflection on giving up the things we hold dear in the name of love, and came about when, “A lover once said to me, “You won’t sacrifice for me.” as Suzie Ungerleider explains. “This declaration scared me because it made me feel like I was supposed to martyr myself in order to keep his love. I wrote the song to express those passionate feelings of wanting someone and longing for them, all the while knowing that you have to give them up for your self-preservation.”