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Scrap My Car in Brentwood

01 Jun Scrap My Car in Brentwood

If you’re ready to finally say goodbye to your old car, rather than spend lots of time searching for a buyer through the trade press or online (which is often inconvenient and can end up costing a pretty penny for advertising), why not scrap a car in Brentwood instead?  Car scrapping in Brentwood is becoming increasingly popular as thousands of people no longer feel they need use of their four wheels any longer.  They’re trading down, quite literally, to two wheels (cycling) or two feet (walking) instead!  It’s simple really.  People in Brentwood are working from home with more regularity than ever before so there’s not as much need to drive into London or drive to the station to take a train into the capital.  Public transport is abundant in the area and with the recent pandemic, there’s no doubt that trains, tubes and buses are cleaner than ever before! So when it’s necessary to travel, there are great options. It’s also possible that if you want to scrap your car in Brentwood, you might be doing so because your family has a second car – do you still need both?  If you’re following the trend in your local area, you probably don’t!

Scrap My Car Near Me

Garages are expensive, especially if you find that your car constantly needs new parts or spends more time being repaired than on the road!  With so many cars laying dormant over the past 16 months, batteries have run flat, and engines have leaked – there are lots of vehicles that need repair, but owners don’t want the expense.  Also, did you know that if you leave your car dormant, it still emits gasses?  Including harmful carbon monoxide – right on your doorstep!  So, if you don’t want to spend money repairing your car but you need to get rid of it, car scrapping in Brentwood is the answer and there are great scrap car prices to be had.

Scrap My Car For Cash

Before you rush out to look for the first scrapping company in Brentwood, do shop around.  Get the best car scrap price in Brentwood but make sure that the dealer is reputable.  There are lots of people posing as car scrapping experts in Brentwood – but they’re likely to be a third party and sell your car on, to a scrapyard, pocketing as much of your profit as possible.  You must use an ATF registered scrapyard.  This means it’s recognised, reliable and legitimate, so get your quote from a proper scrapyard and see what their best scrap car prices are.

Certificate of Destruction

You’ll also need to check that you will be issued with your Certificate of Destruction, following your car or van scrapping in Brentwood.  This is a very important document for the DVLA. It serves as proof that your vehicle has been scrapped and is no longer your responsibility.  Without it, you could find yourself still liable for your scrap vehicle – even though you’ve sold it on.  Lots of irreputable scrap dealers in Brentwood sell your car on, especially if it’s still working, then, if it gets a parking fine or caught speeding (or is involved in a collision), the fault still comes back to you.  Check your car scrapping service in Brentwood will definitely issue your COD (Certificate of Destruction) and that you’ll get it as soon as your car is destroyed.  Keep this document safe, you never know when you might need it!

Scrap My Car Near Me

When you gather quotes, again, bear in mind that you want your car to be scrapped by a quality car or van scrapping service in Brentwood.  You might find that you have a great ATF Registered scrapyard in Brentwood that is slightly more expensive than another one – but cross-compare and go back to your preferred scrapyard in Brentwood to see if they can match or beat your quote.  They probably will!  Also, do they offer a free collection and delivery service?  This is a great service and saves you money because it means you don’t have to book a tow truck – which costs!  UKCarMovement is one of the car scrapping businesses in Brentwood that offers FREE collection and delivery, from any address in Brentwood.  Not only that, but they’ll also arrange a contactless service so there’s no risk to yourself.  All you have to do is leave your logbook and car keys in a safe place (as these must go with your car).

Same Day Car Scrapping Cash

Check that you’ll be paid out on the same day as your car scrapping in Brentwood.  You don’t want to lose out and with a quality car scrapper like UKCarMovement, you get same-day cash into your bank account -ready for you to spend at your leisure on whatever you want. It might be you can’t wait for a break away with the family, so you could book that longed for holiday (to a Green list country of course!), or maybe you want a smart, new car?  Put the scrap van or scrap car money towards a shiny new motor and visit your car showroom the moment the cash is there.  Whatever you want to spend your car scrap price cash on, get it into your account – with that COD!  

Scrap My Car Today

Finally, feel peace of mind that scrapping a van in Brentwood, or a car, or a bike is a great thing to do.  It’s environmentally friendly – when you use a knowledgeable, professional scrapping service in Brentwood.  Lots of the parts of a car can be recycled and anything that can’t be, will always be disposed of in an environmentally friendly fashion so it won’t be lumped on top of an even bigger pile of landfill.  Now that’s good to know. So, do your bit for the environment, get a little extra cash and get rid of that broken, old car and free up your driveway space – scrap my car today!