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Santa pops into Colchester to share Christmas message of hope

16 Nov Santa pops into Colchester to share Christmas message of hope

SANTA arrived in Colchester this weekend, despite the current lockdown throughout UK. With many Christmas events and parties already shelved for 2020, he had a message of hope for all the children looking to understand what this year might look like as we lead into the festive season.

Poplar Nurseries are renowned for transforming their garden centre into a winter wonderland full of festive treats, attractions and decorations and has always been a firm festive favourite with the big guy in red.

Elaine Willis, Manager of Poplar Nurseries, said: “Santa phoned us and asked if he could come and deliver a message to all of the children who this year who might be worried about how he is going to manage to still get around the whole world and deliver peace and joy to all. He wanted to reassure them that Christmas will still be festive and bright! Santa was so loud and jolly he was even spotted by a few early bird customers who had come in to browse for their own Christmas gifts! Santa’s special Christmas message will go up on our website on Saturday at 11am and we hope this will help everybody learn about his plans for Christmas 2020!”

Poplar Nurseries remains open, except for their restaurant and train which are currently closed, and they are a COVID-secure venue.