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Salt bins installed in Laindon

09 Oct Salt bins installed in Laindon

 New salt bins have been installed in Laindon.

The bins are now in place in Church Road, Stebbings, New Avenue, Valance Way, and locations near Woodlands School and Bells Hill Road.

 The bins have been installed to help keep footpaths safe and free of ice during the winter months.

The decision to install the bins was taken by the Neighbourhoods and Public Spaces Committee in September last year. Further bins could be installed across the borough where the need arises.

Committee Chairman Councillor David Harrison said: “As the winter approaches the mercury will drop and we want to ensure pathways are as safe as possible when conditions become icy.”

Ward Councillor for Laindon Park Councillor John Scarola, added: “These salt bins will support residents, Laindon Park School and local businesses with their travel plans without issues caused by ice.”