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Rylan Clark-Inspired Expert Tips For A Post Divorce Fresh Start

28 Oct Rylan Clark-Inspired Expert Tips For A Post Divorce Fresh Start

Rylan Clark-Inspired Expert Tips For A Post Divorce Fresh Start

Indulge In Self-Care

Divorce can be a lonely and vulnerable time, so it’s essential that you take care of yourself through it. Self-care comes in many forms, but essentially involves doing things that make you feel good, physically and emotionally. For example:

Exercising regularly
Eating your favourite meals
Making sure that you are getting enough sleep
Making plans to see family and friends
Having a massage
Buying yourself a nice gift
Engaging in your favourite hobbies (cooking, reading, sport etc)
Throw A Big Party

Rylan recently threw a party for his 33rd birthday, and spending time with family and friends celebrating a new chapter in your life can only be a good thing. Divorce parties are a rapidly growing trend, and, in many ways, for good reason. The idea is simple: you celebrate your wedding as the start of a new part of your life with someone, so why not celebrate a divorce as another new beginning?

There are lots of reasons why this kind of celebration is a good idea and they depend on the type of people involved and the type of marriage. Many of us are guilty of needing closure after the end of a relationship. We need to officially finish something before we can really start anything else. Marriage starts with so much energy, so it’s very sad, and perhaps not healthy, to just let that end without any kind of celebration. By looking back fondly at the good bits, it can help close that chapter for you so you can move forward.

Focus on Your Gratitude

Research shows that identifying your gratitude can profoundly affect your overall happiness and self-esteem, which is why waking up every morning and taking time to think about what you’re grateful for can be so beneficial. Whether you write it down in a morning journal or simply repeat it to yourself whilst looking in the mirror, reflecting on all the good things in your life, rather than focussing on your divorce, will help you feel much more positive.

Re-Discover Old Hobbies

Many people, whether intentionally or not, sacrifice some of their identities to merge with their partner. As a single person though, you can do life completely on your terms! You no longer have to compromise on weekend activities with your partner, so why not go back to the old hobby that your partner never wanted to do? Join a basketball team if you love basketball or go travelling without having to check if your partner wants to do the same, or spend time with you in some other way. It’ll feel hugely liberating and take your mind off the less positive parts of getting divorced.

Learn A New Skill

Always wanted to take up yoga? Fancied yourself as a painter? Now is the time to throw yourself into a new hobby, and we’d suggest joining a class. Not only will it be a great way to meet new people and make new friends, learning a skill and developing your mind and body feels highly rewarding.

Join A Support Group

Although talking to family and friends can be hugely comforting and beneficial whilst going through something difficult, sometimes nothing helps more than speaking to someone going through the same thing. Support groups provide an outlet for you to vent, cry, and everything in between.

Download Dating Apps (When You Feel Ready)

At times, it may feel like you can’t win when it comes to dating. Some friends will rush you to jump back into it as soon as the papers are signed. Others may raise an eyebrow when they see you out with someone (you’re moving on quickly!).

Keep in mind that healing doesn’t follow a linear timeline. This is your life, and you can choose the rules. There are no perfect time frames for when you’re ready to date again. If you ask ten different people, you will receive ten different answers. Try to honor your intuition and focus on what feels best for you.