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Rumors Swirl About Kylie & Drake’s Possible Romance and Pregnancy

28 Nov Rumors Swirl About Kylie & Drake’s Possible Romance and Pregnancy

Rumors about a possible romance between KUWTK star Kylie Jenner and rap artist Drake keep brewing. To make matters even more complicated, Kylie’s father Caitlyn Jenner has caused fans to speculate Kylie could also be pregnant. 

Drake is a longtime friend of the Kardashian family, and even has a past beef with Kylie’s ex, Tyga. He’s also known to like ‘thick’ women commonly found on plus size dating apps, but will Kylie be his next romance?

Kylie’s recent split with Travis Scott

Last month Kylie and boyfriend of 2 years, Travis Scott, broke up. The couple just gave birth to their daughter, Stormi, back in February of 2018.  The child is the supposed reason Jenenr’s boobs got noticely bigger but others think she’s just hired a top plastic surgeon like her sister Kim K would.

Since then, both Kylie and Travis have been living the single life. However they both appear to be on good terms as they navigate the world of coparenting. Kylie even traveled to Housten recently to attend Travis’ own Astroworld Festival. 

One source told reporters that, “it was important for her to support Travis’ festival. They are still very close and often hang out with Stormi”. Another characterized their relationships as, “more of a friendship”. 

With Kylie reportedly spending more time with Drake though, it has everyone questioning whether or not they are romantically involved. 

Drake’s love for ‘thick’ women, like those found on Plus Size Dating Apps

The attention has now turned away from Kylie’s split with Travis Scott and is now on her fling with Drake. However, fans are in the dark about their relationship status. 

Kylie’s representatives denied all claims that the two were seeing each other. And Drake’s team did not say one way or another. 

However, sources close to Kylie and Drake have leaked some information. 

One source said that Drake and Kylie “have been spending time together recently”. Someone else close to the situation said that the pair “have been hanging out romantically” in the past month.

However, another source claimed Kylie and Drake are “just friends”. 

Drake is known to love ‘thick’ women, which was confirmed by one of his old flames, Nicki Minaj. His love for curves is also widely apparent in his music lyrics and choice of models in his music videos. 

Kris Jenner Anxious About Caitlyn Spreading Pregnancy Rumors

Drake’s love for curvy women and those on plus size dating apps is obvious. And given Kylie’s full figure combined with insights from close friends, it is likely the two may be dating. Or at least ‘flirting’. 

However, there is no real substance to reports that Kylie is pregnant. And Kylie’s mom, Kris Jenner, is worried that rumors may be propagated by her own father, Caitlin Jenner. 

Caitlin has recently been on the show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!. And in an episode that aired on November 21st, Caitlin said she “will have 20 grandchildren in December”.

Fans did the math and calculated that Caitlin currently has 16 grandchildren, so who could be expecting? Considering Kylie has talked about wanting more children in the past, people were convinced she could pregnant. 

However, Kris Jenner is reportedly ‘nervous’ and ‘anxious’ that Caitlin will share more about the family on the show. One source close to Kris said, “Kris knows Caitlyn would never do or say anything intentionally at this point, but sometimes Caitlyn says things that aren’t in the best interest of the family. She hates to see everyone wondering if Kylie is pregnant again after Caitlyn’s comments”.