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Row Productions burst back onto the scene with big event featuring local talent

20 Aug Row Productions burst back onto the scene with big event featuring local talent

Row Productions burst back onto the scene last Friday night at their home turf in Project Romford to present another big event bringing in over 250 people who came down to support a great range of local talented artists.

Pictured: DJ SJ

The roster included J-Brooker alongside Ellie a singer and niece of the well known Brooker Brothers who are joint CEO’s of Row Productions the famed local record label, artists also included on the night included Macz of RTM Records, French the Kid and group Ash18x who were supported by DJ SJ and J-Brooker who jumped on the decks.

Pictured: J-Brooker and French the Kid

Onset Media and Yup it’s Teddy were the videographers and photographers on the night capturing everyone’s best moments!

We spoke to Row Productions co-CEO James Brooker today to find out more:

Congratulations on another successful event how do you feel?

James: it feels amazing to create such a great event having the support of everyone who came down to the night without them it wouldn’t be possible and a massive shout to every artists and staff member who made this night possible.

Pictured: Ash18x

When is the next event?

James: I’m already buzzing for the next one will go again at the end of September early October will also bring in some more local artists to build on this event and we hope to see everyone who came down to this event back again for another great night.

Are you looking for artists for your next show and how can they contact you?

James: we are always looking for artists, Dancers and Singers to come and perform and showcase there talent they can contact us on Facebook, Instagram Snapchat @Rowproductions1

Your brother Jack is bringing out his new EP September what can we expect?

James: It’s out on the 6th September and you can expect nothing more than total fire he’s put in a lot of hard work for this one and Macz of RTM a good friend of ours also has something special dropping real soon look out for that as well.

Pictured: Maczino RTM