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Roding Valley High School welcomes international visitors from Beijing

18 Jul Roding Valley High School welcomes international visitors from Beijing

Roding Valley High School, based in Loughton, Essex, has received international visitors from Beijing, China, as part of a student exchange programme. Taking place from Wednesday 10 to Friday 12 of July, the exchange saw 23 students and four teachers from Beijing School of Technology immersed in the daily life of an English school through a variety of exciting activities.

During the visit, the exchange students competed in the school’s annual Sports Day, where a team from Beijing School of Technology put up a valiant effort against the Roding Valley High School team in the tug of war contest. The exchange students also experienced day-to-day school life; partnering with over 60 Roding Valley High School student volunteers in order to take part in their daily timetable of lessons. The trip was closed with a farewell assembly, at which students were invited to present their experiences and insights.

The exchange was organised by Peter Melvin, Head of Languages at Roding Valley High School, who said: “I’m extremely proud of our students for how warmly they welcomed our visitors, and impressed by the young Chinese students who have thrown themselves into the experience whole-heartedly. This has been an enlightening experience for both sets of students, as they have developed a greater understanding of each other’s cultures and languages.”

The exchange is part of Roding Valley High School’s wider commitment to teaching foreign languages and encouraging the experience of different cultures. It comes just days before the school’s Languages Day, at which students will attend study sessions in a variety of different languages, such as Japanese, Mandarin and Gujarati, alongside 50 pupils from neighbouring Whitebridge Primary School.

Sharon Jenner, Head Teacher at Roding Valley High School, said: “The exchange trip was such a fantastic opportunity for our students to experience, first-hand, the wider world and the diversity within it, whilst also representing our school and showcasing our values. I look forward to seeing our students pass on this enthusiasm for culture and languages to the pupils of Whitebridge Primary School as part of our Languages Day. “