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Roding Valley High School students come together in the name of wellbeing

01 Feb Roding Valley High School students come together in the name of wellbeing

This Wednesday (3 February 2021), students at Roding Valley High School in Loughton, Essex, will take part in a special all-day workshop, Wellbeing Wednesday, to raise awareness around the importance of positive mental health and wellbeing. Staff members and parents of students are also being encouraged to take part.

The day has been organised following a series of conversations held with the school’s parent community and the Student Voice committee, which includes representatives from each of the different year groups at the school.

With students continuing to learn remotely, the day offers them the important chance to connect and socialise with school friends who they are currently unable to see in person. As such, the day will consist of a specifically designed ‘wellbeing timetable’ and will focus on various activities and challenges that encourage students to consider their own wellbeing as well as that of their peers. In addition, staff members at the school have created instructional videos to assist the students throughout the day.

Students will have the opportunity to catch up on any work, do some exercise, try a new recipe as well as do something they genuinely enjoy. Students are also being encouraged to help around the house and even send some thank you messages to people who have been particularly supportive and helpful to them over the past few weeks and months. The wellbeing timetable factors in time for students to take some well-earned rest from the daily busy routine of remote school life.

Sharon Jenner, Headteacher, Roding Valley High School, comments: “At Roding Valley High School, we pride ourselves on leading conversations and promoting ideas around mental health and the general wellbeing of our community. During times such as these, when we are unable to be with each other in person, it is of particular importance that our students, staff members and parents feel supported and looked after in all that they do.”

A dedicated website has been designed for the day and videos of various challenges and activities will be posted on the school’s social media channels.

Jenner continues: “While our Wellbeing Wednesday is centred on having fun, we hope that our students are able to take away key ideas and actions on how to look after themselves and those around them; lifelong skills, we hope, that they can call upon both in difficult circumstances such as these and throughout their future lives.”