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Roding Valley High School introduces its Year 6 Virtual Open Morning

01 Oct Roding Valley High School introduces its Year 6 Virtual Open Morning

This year, Roding Valley High School in Loughton, will be holding its annual Year 6 Opening Morning virtually. Going live on Saturday 3 October at 10am, the online event promises the same information and opportunities as physical events, including: meeting the staff, viewing the school’s facilities and learning more about the school’s bespoke teaching and learning framework, ACED (Assessment, Creativity, Engagement and Differentiation).

The decision was taken to hold the event virtually in line with government regulations and in the context of social distancing; instead giving parents and students an online glimpse into what daily life at the school entails from the comfort of their own homes.

Sharon Jenner, Headteacher at Roding Valley High School, said: “Although the format of this year’s Year 6 Opening Morning is a little different to normal, it is certainly no less important. The annual Opening Morning is a fantastic opportunity for prospective students and their parents to see for themselves the sort of education we provide at Roding Valley High School and the values that we stand for as a community. It is also a very exciting day for our staff as they have the chance to showcase the inclusive, supportive and welcoming learning environment that we strive to foster at the school. A massive thank you must go to all members of staff for their efforts – it certainly promises to be a really interesting morning!”

In preparation for the event, the senior leadership team has created a welcome video for prospective parents and students, as well as an introductory video focused on the Open Morning, including a welcome speech by Headteacher, Sharon Jenner, and interviews with current students and members of staff from across different departments. Parents can also access a copy of the prospectus at Roding Valley High School on the website.

To find out more information about the event please visit