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Rock-n-Roll icon Slim Jim Phantom heads to Southend

08 Jan Rock-n-Roll icon Slim Jim Phantom heads to Southend

Slim Jim Phantom, a true rock-n-roll icon as the legendary drummer for the Stray Cats is heading to Southend.

Jim’s band will include long-term friends from The Pretenders James Walbourne (guitar) and Nick Wilkinson (double bass).

This year Jim released his autobiography entitled ‘A Stray Cat Struts – My Life As A Rockabilly Rebel’, which is packed full of wild stories about touring, being married to a Bond girl and so much more.

A veteran of the London and LA music scenes, Slim Jim recounts in his memoir not just the Stray Cats’ rise, but a different type of life spent in the upper echelon of rock-and-roll stardom. With a love for 50s rock-n-roll the Stray Cats took inspiration from that bygone era and mixed with their youthful energy and aggression produced the updated hard-edged rockabilly sound that saw them conquer the UK, Europe and the U.S; gaining friends and fans like Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned and Robert Plant and many more along the way. He talks about his ten year marriage to actress Britt Ekland, his move down the Hollywood Hills to Sunset Strip, where his son was raised and his own world-famous rock-and-roll bar Cat Club.

Slim Jim heads to Cliffs Pavilion, Southend on the 7th of February!