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Rock for Havens Sake returns for another year

15 Mar Rock for Havens Sake returns for another year

A regular music festival dubbed ‘Rock for Havens Sake’ which is in aid of Havens Hospices returns for yet another year this year.  With support from The Cliffs Pavilion who are providing their lower floor including the Maritime and Admirals rooms for the event, this year’s should rock the most.

Anne M Earl, the Event co-ordinator told us “It all started in 2006 when I did the first one, it was only going to be a one off ! But I’ve enjoyed it so much I try and arrange an event on a bi-annual basis”

Twelve bands and artists from across Essex will be volunteering their time to perform at the event to raise much needed funds for local charity Havens Hospices.  Music will ranges from progressive rock through to blues and jazz.

Anne told of the growing community support around the family event saying “I largely depend on my family and friends, my youngest son Dave is the stage manager whilst my other son Steve is the front of house, so it is very much a family affair!”

This year’s event is being headlined by the critically acclaimed ‘Funky Voices’.

This event has grown into a very personal project for Anne who does as much as she can to support local charity Havens Hospices as she added “You have to try and channel your energy into one thing, Havens is our own local hospice and we need to support what is happening locally.”

More information on the event and tickets is available on: