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Robert Halfon MP’s Hospital fundraiser passes £800

17 Apr Robert Halfon MP’s Hospital fundraiser passes £800

Harlow MP Robert Halfon announced he would be partaking in a charity swim earlier this month, the fundraiser for the swim has now surpassed £800 on Just Giving.

The Harlow MP who has a form of cerebral palsy which means he frequently relies on a stick to walk, is attempting to swim 100 lengths of the pool at Manor of Groves Hotel to raise vital funds for Princess Alexandra Hospital’s Charity.

Halfon who supports the Hospital,  recognises the need for as much awareness and fundraising as possible for the charity to help enhance patient care, purchase special equipment, improve facilities and invest in vital research.

Earlier this month Mr Halfon told Essex Live “I can’t swim very fast but I can swim really far.”

You can donate to the fundraiser here: