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Roarsome Dinosaur Adventure Golf Opens in Colchester

28 Mar Roarsome Dinosaur Adventure Golf Opens in Colchester

roarsome new £1m plus dinosaur adventure golf course, Mighty Claws Adventures: a Roman Ruckus is set to open in Colchester in mid April, featuring state-of-the-art, animatronic large scale dinosaurs, a thundering waterfall and an ancient Roman fortress.

The brainchild of Allan Saud, the interactive, 18-hole Mighty Claws Adventure Golf is an immersive play environment, adapted from the children’s story book series ‘Mighty Claws Adventures’ by Nat Luurtsema. This time players find themselves in an exciting Roman adventure, “as seems appropriate for such a centre of Roman history as Colchester, said Mr Saud.

“Colchester is only the second site to feature our brand new concept adventure golf and here, our characters – the plucky band of friendly Mighty Claws dinosaurs – have to storm the fortress, tackle herds of Velociraptors, and dodge the rampaging T-Rex to win the day”, he commented.

Aimed at children from 3-14 and their parents, the course itself is home to a huge range of near life-size dinosaurs – such as a Troodon, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus and Parasaurolophus as well as a small herd of Velociraptors and big, intimidating T-Rex, many of which come to life with fearsome sound effects and moving parts. Based on characters from “The Mighty Claws Storm A Fortress”, a children’s book chronicling the
second episode in the adventures of a small group of lovable dinosaurs from Mighty Claws Valley, led by Truly the Troodon, who battle villainous dinosaurs and enemies throughout the course.

For families ready to drive, swing and club their way to success, The Mighty Claws Adventure Golf at Playgolf, Colchester will be open 7 days a week from mid April, from 10.00am to dusk. Ticket prices are Child under 4, £3.00; Child under 12, £6.50 and Adult, £9.50. For information and online bookings see