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Ride the Anniversary Wheel at Clacton Pavilion and celebrate 150 years of Clacton

05 May Ride the Anniversary Wheel at Clacton Pavilion and celebrate 150 years of Clacton

Clacton’s newest tourist attraction is now up at Clacton Pavilion, marking Clacton’s historic landmark 150th year celebrations.

Billy Peak, Owner of Clacton Pavilion, said: “The 150 Anniversary Wheel is now up and running at Clacton Pavilion and marks a momentous milestone for our business and Clacton as a town. We’re proud and pleased at the reactions to date – it is impressive as a sight and provides unrivalled views of the sea and landscape.

We’ve already had so many advanced bookings for our ‘Afternoon Tea and Ride the Wheel’ experience, it bodes very well for the start of the season and here’s to a safe and wonderful summer for all. Celebrate with us – ‘you’re on top of the world!’”

The Wheel has been hugely welcomed by the local community with wonderful feedback, many remarking on the affordable pricing for such an amazing experience – at just £4 per person per ride.

Local resident Kate Cronin took her family on it yesterday and said, ‘The Anniversary Wheel looks amazing! We could see it as we drove along the seafront and from the moment we saw it we knew we had to come over to Clacton Pavilion to ride it! The view up there is astonishing. You can see all across Clacton at the top and we came off buzzing! I just think it really puts Clacton on the map now in relation to coastal towns. Happy 150th birthday Clacton and thank you Clacton Pavilion!’

The idea was Billy Peak’s brainchild all the way back in September last year and was met with great enthusiasm, with planning being agreed late November last year. The wheel has created 10 new jobs in the town and looks to attract day-trippers to the seaside for what is being labelled the ‘staycation summer’.

The Clacton 150 Anniversary Wheel consists of 24 gondolas, with many adapted for wheelchair access, and can hold a total of 144 guests at a time.

Afternoon teas will also be available to book at £25 per person which includes a ride on the Anniversary Wheel for free! To pre-book the Clacton 150 Anniversary Wheel Afternoon Tea and Ride, call Clacton Pavilion on 01255 224 993.