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Revealed: Southend-on-Sea Least EV Friendly UK Town

27 Nov Revealed: Southend-on-Sea Least EV Friendly UK Town

New research has revealed the most and least electric vehicle (EV) friendly UK areas, based on the number of people per EV charging connectors in the locations.

The EV chargers provider BOXT has calculated the number of public charging connectors in stations per population in UK towns and cities, revealing Milton Keynes as the most EV friendly area and Southend-on-Sea as the least.

According to Zap-Map, the app and digital platform for EV drivers, there are currently 26,682 charging points in the UK, with 45,504 charge point connectors.

However, by 2030, when the ban on new gas and petrol car sales comes into force, the UK will reportedly need up to 480,000 public charge points, nearly ten times more than the existing amount.

However, some UK areas are considerably underprepared for the transition from fuel to electric cars.

The study highlighted Southend-on-Sea as the least prepared for the EV revolution, with a ratio of 180,435 people per connector, due to only having two connectors for 360,870 people.

Research revealed Milton Keynes to be the most prepared for the EV revolution, with the best ratio of people to EV charging connectors, a population of 435 per connector. Overall, the area has 620 charging connectors, which is the third-highest out of the UK’s most populated towns and cities, and the highest of the towns included in the research.

Unsurprisingly, London has the highest total of connectors, with a staggering 5,667 installed. However, when accounting for the capital’s huge population of 10,212,800, the number of people per connector equates to 1,802.

Andy Kerr, the co-founder of BOXT, said: “It’s easy to assume that London is the best location for EV drivers due to the high volume of charging stations. However, this research shows that the capital still has a long way to go to accommodate the vast population.

“Instead, those living in Milton Keynes are currently in the best position for switching to EVs, with the number of connectors being in line with the town’s residents.”

The top five EV-friendly UK Areas:

Milton Keynes – 435 people per EV charging connector.
Coventry – 618 people per EV charging connector,
Nottingham – 1,021 people per EV charging connector.
Brighton 1,124 per EV charging connector.
Sunderland – 1,129 people per EV charging connector.