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Research reveals ‘What East Anglian women want’ 

21 Jul Research reveals ‘What East Anglian women want’ 

It’s the age old question – what do women want in men? What’s more important, height? Muscles? Beards? A new comprehensive survey by men’s grooming brand men-ü has put an end to such speculation by revealing once and for all what East Anglian women want.

The research shows that the ideal man has lovely eyes, great humour and personality, a great scent and a smooth shave. When asked to look toward the world of celebs, East Anglian women voted George Clooney as the ideal man, leaving all competitors in the shade as the male celebrity choice.

According to the survey, humour and personality are the most attractive traits they look for in a man with 77% listing them as the most important factor. Nice eyes are also attractive to 68% of the regions women, whilst only 22% said a good physique was a priority – proving it is not all about hours clocked in the gym!

So there you have it. When trying to woo the regions women – good smelling men, with nice eyes, teeth and personality – with a clean shave and a passing resemblance to George Clooney will likely come out on top!