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Reinventing the World of TV and Online Casino Gaming Engagement

19 Aug Reinventing the World of TV and Online Casino Gaming Engagement

Television is increasingly being watched on systems other than, well, televisions, which is proving interesting for a site like ours. Perhaps rebranding as Essex-TV-Smartphone-Tablet-PC-Mac-TeslaHud might be the best idea going forward.

We have found it extremely interesting in our work just how much the lines of traditional television have blurred. This isn’t only the case for TV either, as we’ve noticed similar changes taking place in the world of online casinos. Taking a look back at the last few years of these industries, we want to see how much these worlds have evolved, and what these changes could mean for the future of how we consume entertainment.

Setting the Channels on TV and PC

For both television shows and online casino games, the basis of TV and PC platforms respectively was an obvious one. For TV shows, this was seen through how older television sets were specifically created to translate electromagnetic waves into a coherent message. For generations, the methods in which this accomplished remained the same, as detailed at Explain That Stuff.

Around the turn of the new millennium, we began to see the adoption of plasma and LCD devices. By late 2009, LCDs were cheap enough to dominate the television market. Replacing the incredibly bulky and heavy older CRT designs, these marked a significant step-up for user convenience. It was the new step of smart-integration, however, which would prove the ultimate game-changer.

For online casinos, PCs acted as the default for similar reasons as television shows on TVs, they were the only device capable of hosting the systems employed. While PCs were much more flexible than TVs, they still held the place of the sole viable option. As with traditional televisions, the changes to this industry would come from smart technologies. Unlike TVs, the smart-technology that would reshape online casinos came through a different set of systems, those of mobile devices like the Android and iPhone.

Developing Device Intelligence

While the platforms which generated the first potential shifts in online casinos and television were different, the core component, that of device intelligence, remained the same. TVs went from devices which translated signals to incorporating their own software and firmware solutions, allowing flexibility far beyond anything in the past. The implications of being run on software came with another advantage, in that it was conceivable for any other software-driven device to act similarly.

Just as mobile casinos would do, this became most noticeable with the jump to smartphones. As what are essentially smaller computers, mobiles hosted the possibilities of TVs and online casinos with the additional advantages of portability and social functionality.

“iPhone vs Android” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by nrkbeta

Unlimited Possibilities

The benefits of better availability and connectivity through smart devices are found for both the developer and the consumer. In the online casino space, for example, games like the Irish Lotto at Paddy Power can thrive through the larger audience that mobile access has proliferated. As indirect systems to bet on the outcome of a lottery, these couldn’t exist without an established player-base from which to draw.

For TV, being able to watch on the go has done amazing things for driving conversations and engagement among many personal and professional environments. The only question remaining is how will these industries further evolve to leverage new smart technologies. It’s quite possible that TV could learn some lessons from casinos in this regard, which have been arguably more successful in their adaptions. While the bombing of TV-inspired systems like Quibi might be a mark against some forms of the growing streaming market, there’s still considerable room left to expand.