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Reinstatement works begins on Brightlingsea Beach Huts

08 Jun Reinstatement works begins on Brightlingsea Beach Huts

Back in February, the country was hit by Storm Ciara, but on Monday 10th February this was
especially devastating for the Brightlingsea Beach Hut owners because it combined forces with a
Spring High Tide causing extensive flooding exacerbated by pounding waves driven inland by the
storm winds. The combined effects of these extreme conditions resulted in many of these muchloved buildings being lifted off their stands and dragged inland with the flood water.

Once the tide and storm had passed, the inland grass play area and car park remained flooded for
many days, littered with dislodged huts scattered everywhere – many leaning against traffic
bollards, telegraph poles and partially blocking the only access road. The flood water receded but
the waterlogged ground prevented practical access to undertake repair/reinstatement work, but
the local authorities of Tendring DC and Brightlingsea TC began to draw up plans to return the
seafront to its former glory.

In March, the insurance inspections had been completed, the reinstatement plans were complete,
the ground had dried sufficiently to allow careful access and works scheduled to begin around the
middle of the month. But then the Corona Pandemic struck the UK and everything was put on

Good News – Hut Reinstatements Works Starts Monday
With the country slowly emerging from its hibernation, Hutchinsons Landscapes is working
alongside the two local authorities to get these reinstatement works underway.

On Monday 8th June, Hutchinsons have hired in a vehicle equipped with a large Hy-Ab crane. and
will be lifting a number of huts back onto their stands along the seafront. Hutchinsons have also
installed several new concrete stands complete with galvanised ground anchors in the hope to
prevent huts floating free in future storms.

Hutchinsons landscapes is a small firm that designs and builds bespoke timber buildings
ranging from simple sheds and summerhouses to more complex home offices and
recreation/hobby rooms. Seven years ago, Hutchinsons bought an old cow barn in Frating (4.5
miles inland from Brightlingsea) and converted it into a bespoke workshop. During this time, we
have constructed a number of huts along the whole of the East Anglian seafront (including
Walberswick, Felixstowe, Harwich, Clacton, Frinton &, of course, Brightlingsea).

In the immediate aftermath of Storm Ciara, the Hutchinsons team went down to the seafront and
spent a couple of days re-aligning and securing some huts that had managed to stay on their
stands. The town has always been very supportive of our small business, and we have a lot of
loyal customers who have trusted us with their garden projects – so it was an opportunity for us to
do what we could to support the community. It is amazing what can be moved with a few rollers
and some long levers (not to mention a lot of willing brute strength).