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Raylon fumbanks is an up and coming artist whose style is harmony r&b and rap.

He was born and raised in Texas and always loved music and dance from a tender age. His music was inspired by the 2000s R&B and Hip Hop from legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Usher as well as listening to J-Holiday, T.I and Akon.

Raylon is also a massive country music fan and a country boy at heart. He loves Sports and dancing as well.

Raylon is dropping his debut single ‘Be There for Me’ which is set to take the world by storm

You can listen to Raylon’s single here –

We sat down with him for a candid interview:

Thanks for coming through RAYLON. First things first, how would you describe your sound?
To be honest the song “be there for me” did not take long to make. I always like love songs and that made the process easier.

And of course you have a new project ‘BE THERE FOR ME’ . Tell us about that and the process involved in creating it?
“Be there for me” is an r&b/rap song that has to do with a relationship of two people that said they will be there for each other, but then the female started acting funny as she was around boys, then they faded apart.

What are some of the themes and concepts you included on this project?
My sound is a r&b/ harmony rap style

The song has since garnered quite a good reception on .What has the reception to ‘BE THERE FOR ME’ been like on your end?
I love making music and seeing a lot of people enjoy it, is a good feeling to me.

Any particular bands or artists you took inspiration from?
. Love the 2000’s r&b/rap, example of artist would be akin, j-holiday, and t.i.

What are your hopes for the new single ‘BE THERE FOR ME’?
I hope the single gets out there and people will like the sound of it

What can you tell us about your plans for the rest of 2019?

All 2019 we gunna push new music and gather fans for the journey.

What message do you have for your fans out there?..
Do whatever you want, and don’t me scarred of what others think.