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Radical Bikes from Chelmsford Stand up to cancer

27 Sep Radical Bikes from Chelmsford Stand up to cancer

Stunt riders from Radical Bikes in Chelmsford are all geared up to highlight Stand Up To Cancer, a joint fundraising campaign from Cancer Research UK and Channel 4.

The dare devil riders turned orange to perform their amazing stunts to match the colour of the Stand Up To Cancer campaign.

The team of riders is tackling the ‘unpredictable dress up’ challenge, where supporters pay or get sponsored to wear something completely unexpected for a day at work, school or home.

Radical Bikes are kicking off the challenge in orange tutus and stripey socks.

Business Manager Tom Mitchell (25) said: “Stand Up To Cancer is very close to our hearts, as all of us have friends and family who have been affected by the disease. We’ve really enjoyed giving everyone a big surprise and taking on some of the jumps and tricks in cycling gear you wouldn’t normally see us wearing. The guys look great in their orange tutus, especially when you see them flying over the jumps.

Tom added: “When it comes to cancer, there can’t be any by-standers. We did our bit, now we are putting out the challenge to see who else can come up with something whacky and colourful to help raise money for Stand Up To Cancer.”

Stand Up To Cancer unites scientists, celebrities and communities across the UK, raising money to take developments from the lab and transform them, quickly, into brand new tests and treatments.

The campaign is supported by a host of stars including Davina McCall, Alan Carr, Maya Jama, Greg Rutherford and Joe Lycett.

Patrick Keely, Cancer Research UK’s spokesperson for Essex, said: “We’d like to thank Tom and his team for their colourful support. We hope their transformation will inspire people across the region to find their own fun way to raise money.

“Whether it’s accountants transforming into punks, police officers dressing as burglars or teachers donning school uniforms, the unpredictable dress up is a fun and easy way to get involved and raise money.”

People in Essex are being encouraged to get involved in Stand Up To Cancer’s Fortnight of Fundraising from 11-25 October by requesting a free fundraising pack.

They can choose to fundraise in their own way or pick from a host of fun-filled ideas, like the unpredictable dress up challenge, which will help to speed up life-saving research.