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Primary and secondary school programmes launched to engage Essex pupils in Census 2021

30 Sep Primary and secondary school programmes launched to engage Essex pupils in Census 2021

The next generation of Essex schoolchildren are set to learn all about the census and how it benefits their local area as part of two new, engaging educational programmes launching this term.

With just 6 months until the next census, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has developed a series of census-related lessons and activities for both primary and secondary schools across England and Wales. Now it is calling on schools to sign up.

The primary school campaign, Let’s Count!, is a cross-curricular programme developed in conjunction with Family and Education and their education resource centre, iChild. The education programme is designed to excite children and families alike about the census.

The Counter Cats are part of the Let’s Count campaign
Let’s Count! has achieved accreditation from Mathematics in Education and Industry, National Association for the Teaching of English, and the Geographical Association. With maths and statistics at its core, the programme provides flexible lesson plans and engaging activities for pupils to learn how they can use statistics across many topics.

British historian, Professor David Olusoga OBE, is also on board and he will be delivering a special live stream lesson on equality and representation.

The Secondary School Education Programme will aim to engage young people, empowering them to use their voices to encourage their families and community to complete the census. The programme will use real-world tasks to explore how data is used and influences decisions across society. The lesson content will inspire whole-school participation and link to curriculum subjects such as citizenship, PSHE, maths and history.