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Pitsea Town Centre Radio Link Scheme goes live

12 Nov Pitsea Town Centre Radio Link Scheme goes live

Following a unanimous vote in favour at the Housing and Communities Committee in February earlier this year, the Pitsea Town Centre Radio Link Scheme is now going live.

The radio link will provide a secure way for retailers to quickly share information with each other and the Essex Police Community Policing Team.

The scheme was introduced in response to a group of Pitsea retailers raising concerns with councillors regarding anti-social behaviour, shoplifting and broader disruption to shops in the area.

Funding of just over £5,330 was granted for the scheme, which has allowed for the purchase of ten radios to provide to independent businesses and charities in the area, as well as the necessary infrastructure, with Peabody agreeing to install it within Pembroke House.

Chairman of Basildon Council’s Housing and Communities Committee, Councillor Kerry Smith, Said: “Despite some delays in recent months due to the coronavirus restrictions, I am delighted to now announce the launch of the Pitsea Town Link Radio System.

“The positive level of take up has been encouraging but not surprising, when the reason we are introducing this is after listening to the concerns of the businesses themselves.

“It is hugely important that we listen to and respond to concerns raised by our local communities, and we are confident this scheme will massively benefit retailers and shoppers alike.”

Basildon Police District Commander, Chief Inspector Chris Bradford, said: “This is a great example of the community working together to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour issues.

“Our community policing team have stepped up patrols in the Pitsea area, and we look forward to continuing to work with our community safety partners to make the area is a safe place to work and visit.”

The scheme will launch on Tuesday 10th November with only essential retailers participating, but the broader range of retailers will have the option of joining the initiative once government restrictions have eased.