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Over half of people in Essex would pick a different career path

03 Jan Over half of people in Essex would pick a different career path

As the nation returns to work this New Year, January continues to prove a popular time for considering career resolutions, as new research released today shows that a third (33%) of people in the East of England would be looking to achieve something that makes them happier if they were to change their current career.

The study shows that over half (58%) of people in the East of England would pick a different career path if they could choose again, with almost half (48%) saying they would probably or definitely change their existing occupation, if they felt they could.

The survey of over 3,000 people* for the national Get Into Teaching campaign, highlights the public’s appetite and motivations for changing careers across the board and the drivers in looking for something new.

More than two-fifths (41%) of people in the East of England believe they would make a good teacher. Of these, 43% say this is because they are good at explaining things, 34% like working with young people, 39% think they can make learning fun and 37% believe they can relate to others.

This appetite for change, and interest in teaching among those at a career crossroads, is also highlighted by registrations of interest in teaching from potential career changers – in January 2018 they were almost double that of students and graduates, 10,952 versus 6,079 respectively, as people searched for a more fulfilling career.

The survey reveals that people in the East of England who are considering switching careers are looking to achieve a fulfilling role (30%), with a third (33%) seeking wellbeing – having a career they enjoy while staying healthy and happy – and a more stable income / better paid role (33%). This comes as 26% believe their current career feels more meaningless than it does rewarding, to the point they consider leaving for another profession.

Previous research** from the campaign shows 64% of people said they were grateful to a teacher or teachers for the impact they had in shaping the person they are today – underlining how teaching could be a rewarding option for those looking to switch.

Nearly two-thirds of people in the East of England (65%) believe you are never too old to change careers. In fact, 50%*** of postgraduates starting their teacher training in September 2018 were 25 or over – an increase from 45% in the academic year 2015/16.

Many of those surveyed in the East of England cite a range of factors getting in the way of switching including just under one fifth (17%) of people fearing the unknown. Furthermore, over a quarter (27%) of people who had considered changing careers said the biggest barrier they think they may come up against would be not wanting to start from scratch or study again.