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Oltco Colchester makes the switch from plastic packaging to recyclable tin

10 Dec Oltco Colchester makes the switch from plastic packaging to recyclable tin

Oltco, the UK’s leading sustainable resin driveway company, is expanding its sustainable offering by switching from using plastic resin packaging to recyclable metal tins. This coincides with Oltco’s current innovative and award-winning sustainable resin driveway solution, Recycle Bound.

Oltco has always been aware of the damaging impact waste plastic has on the environment. This led Oltco to launch Recycle Bound, the world’s first sustainable resin bound driveway solution made utilising waste plastic that is already in circulation, and what has now driven the business to take its commitment one step further by eradicating plastic from its resin packaging.

The new packaging has been tried and tested on site to ensure that it is suitable for the job and has been met with resounding success.

Liam Dorian, Oltco Colchester Director, says: “This was an idea I was so excited to get on board with, it was such an easy decision for us to make the switch. This packaging combined with our Recycle Bound product helps to ensure we are having a positive impact on the planet and helping in the global fight against waste plastic.”
Johnny Pearce, Co-Director comments: “In business, it is common for people to make short-term decisions to bring about fast results with the sole aim of increasing profit. At Oltco we look to the future and want to make sure we are delivering the best results for our customers, our team and the planet. We’re proud to be a business that fights for change and one that focuses on the triple bottom line (people, planet and profit)”

Tom Stringer, Co-Director adds: “This new packaging launch fits perfectly with our ethos ‘to feel good about the work that we do and the decisions that we make,’ and it demonstrates our continued commitment to protecting the environment. We hope our customers in Colchester love this new packaging as much as we do!”