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Nutrition and Hydration Week at Hazel End

28 Jun Nutrition and Hydration Week at Hazel End

Nutrition and Hydration week is an annual event taking place in June. It has a shared objective to promote, highlight and celebrate improvements in the provision of nutrition and hydration, locally, nationally, and globally. Hazel End saw it as a brilliant chance to schedule a fun packed week, focusing on food and drink, to energise residents and engage them in exciting nutrition.

The activities planner for the week was full of foodie themed days. To kick start the week residents enjoyed ‘The Big Breakfast’, a breakfast event including delicious full English breakfasts prepared by Hazel End’s kitchen team, freshly baked pastries and more! Tuesday was named ‘Taste Test Tuesday’ as residents engaged in a firm favourite at Hazel End, a cheese and wine tasting afternoon.

One resident said, ‘I love all the things the girls put on, especially things like this. It’s always so lovely and they go the extra mile for us.’

Mid-week saw a Global Tea Party, recognised all over the world and the highlight of every Nutrition and Hydration week. On this day, all care communities are invited to take part and hold tea parties in their homes and communities, not only to show their commitment to nutritional care and help improve resident’s nutritional intake, but to bring people together and create some joy and fun!

In the morning, residents put their baking skills to the test as they made homemade scones in preparation for the afternoons Tea Party. Cooking and baking provides many benefits, it allows social interaction between residents as they bond over shared interest. Baking allows for residents to share memories, as many of them spent time cooking and baking with family or friends. Baking has also been proven to be an effective way to enhance relationships with food. Emily lifestyle coordinator said, ‘It was so nice to see people enjoying the baking, lots of the residents remembered making fruit scones before but a lot hadn’t made cheese ones. Once baked, residents thought they tasted delicious, and the cheese ones turned out to be the most popular with plenty of butter on!’

The 4th day of Nutrition and Hydration week was Thirsty Thursday! This was celebrated with plenty of fruity cocktails and mocktails, Hazel End set up a visualising Hydration Station to help encourage fluid consumption and make it look appealing and exciting for residents.

The following day Hazel End experienced a fruit-extravaganza on Fruity Friday, with a rainbow of cocktails and mocktails, fresh fruit platters and a tropical theme to match. Residents took part in a blind fruit tasting competition in teams, in a bid to win prizes. Residents were blind folded and had to try various fruits across 8 rounds, the lifestyle team were evil enough to include lemon in one of the rounds! A resident said, ‘The fresh watermelon is my favourite, its so refreshing and tasty, I hadn’t had it for so long!’ Another said, ‘It was a really good afternoon enjoyed by all, good company, good fun and a laugh, what more do you want?’

George, lifestyle manager said, ‘Nutrition and Hydration week is such an important date in our calendar at Hazel End and especially with the current pandemic we really want to encourage and promote nutrition among our residents in the most engaging and fun way possible, to help everyone maintain a positive relationship with food and drink. This week has been a good one, and it’s been lovely to see residents engaging in cooking, preparing their food and having fun with it. The stories that come from mornings such as the baking activities are so special and always interesting to hear.’

Hazel End are focused on delivering high quality, person-centred care. Our varied and engaging activity programme is structured around resident interest and history, ensuing every person living with us has a meaningful lifestyle. Hazel End is welcoming new residents, to book your socially distanced visit or for more information please contact 01279 925388 or email