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Number of medically discharged personnel could populate Braintree

29 Oct Number of medically discharged personnel could populate Braintree

Earlier this month Help for Heroes revealed that injury has forced almost 40,000 men and women to leave the military over the past 20 years. Over 25% of these have been since the end of the war in Afghanistan, despite the British Armed Forces not being engaged in active conflict during this period.

The military charity has created its 40,000 Strong model force to help show the true scale of those who are living with the consequences of injury or illness.

On Wednesday 30th October a section of it will arrive in Braintree; a town with approximately the same number of people living there as have been medically discharged in the last 20 years.

The installation will be held under the bandstand in George Yard Shopping Centre from 10am to 4pm having made its way from the Arndale Centre in Manchester. It will then continue a tour of the country.

Members of the public will be able to visit the model force and donate to receive their own figure; which will help support wounded Veterans, Service Personnel and their families for years to come. There will also be volunteers doing a bucket collection, an information stall, crafts for the children and the chance to play boccia, (a Paralympic sport).

Every day more people are being medically discharged from the military and many more will live with the impact of their injuries for life. Help for Heroes believe that every wounded, injured or sick veteran or serving personnel who has been prepared to put their life on the life for us deserves a second chance at life.

One of those to lose their careers is local veteran Lee Patmore from Laindon in Essex who will be supporting the Braintree event.

Lee was forced to leave the Royal Navy in 1999 after damaging his back whilst in training. The timing couldn’t have been worse; at the time he’d just got married and he and his wife were expecting their first son.