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NHS scrounger Josie Cunningham Boasts About Sugar daddy

09 Mar NHS scrounger Josie Cunningham Boasts About Sugar daddy

NHS boob job scrounger Josie Cunningham is now boasting of having a 65year old sugar daddy who has reputedly showered her with £10,00 worth of gifts in just a matter of weeks.

Josie who earned herself the title of ‘most hated woman in Britain’ after a taxpayer-funded operation which saw her get breast enlargement surgery worth £4,800 on the NHS has been boasting of her newly found love

In a series of text messages to friends she boasted about the luxury presents which included £3,000 in cash, a Swarovski watch, a Chanel picture frame and even a top-of-the-range cordless vacuum cleaner.

Josie boasted in emoji filled text messages telling her friends: ‘It’s a mutual thing. Besides… these are the most famous t*** in the country, they come at a premium.’

This latest attention seeking stunt which has been met by huge outrage follows on from Josie taking some time out of the public eye after she last year told a Loose Women panel that her previous ‘attention-seeking’ ways had been a result of being bullied as a child, and thanked the show’s presenters for helping her turn her life around ahead of the birth of her fourth child.