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New water stations to come for Basildon parks

13 Mar New water stations to come for Basildon parks

The Neighbourhoods and Public Spaces Committee has unanimously approved a £14,000 funding boost for two new water stations in Wickford Memorial Park and Wat Tyler Country Park.

The grant will create water stations with taps and fountains, which include dog watering stations, to make the park more user friendly for people rambling, ambling or using any other form of locomotion or transportation in the park.

The project also has the potential to reduce local single-use plastic water bottles by providing taps to assist park users to refill bottles rather than throw them away.

Chairman of the Committee Cllr David Harrison said: “We’re committed to creating a borough that helps people stay healthy, with places to spend time outdoors and enjoy their local parks.

“We want residents to feel satisfied with services that enhance their neighbourhood, and simple amenities like this make our outdoor spaces much better.

“It means not having to worry about bringing water with you when you go the park in summer, or run through in winter – year round people can get something basic like water when they are outdoors and that’s exactly what we want in Basildon.”

The funding is subject to final approval by the Policy and Resources Committee (to be decide on the 24 March).