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New collaboration links #Essex data experts with innovative business

22 Aug New collaboration links #Essex data experts with innovative business

Leading UK legal publisher and insight firm Mondaq has teamed up with data analytics experts at the University of Essex for a ground-breaking project funded by Innovate UK.

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project will involve academics using their advanced data analytics expertise to make Mondaq’s digital platform more intelligent and offer better insight for Mondaq’s customers.

The 30-month project, which involves the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, will be led by Dr Aris Perperoglou and Professor Maria Fasli – with close support from Professor Berthold Lausen and Dr Spyros Samothrakis.

Mondaq is a growing independent company which has created one of the world’s most comprehensive online resources of professionals’ expertise and knowledge. The platform includes legal, financial and regulatory information and intelligence with analysis provided by top law and advisory firms from over 70 countries. Mondaq is used by huge numbers of businesses worldwide that generate a wealth of usage data and Mondaq are keen to unlock the commercial potential in the data.

Essex has world-leading expertise in this area and the aim of the KTP is to use this advanced data analytics expertise to offer the company new commercially-relevant insight.

Dr Perperoglou explained: “Our collaboration with Mondaq illustrates what we do best: transferring cutting-edge scientific methods to innovative leading businesses in the UK. We look forward to the challenge of applying and creating new advanced analytical tools for a company that aims to transform information into knowledge.”

Andrew Partridge, Managing Director of Mondaq, added: “This project demonstrates an important step change for us; facilitating the development of an advanced analytic capability for our platform which will add lots of value to our long-established customer base. Mondaq are an innovative business, with significant growth plans and the KTP with the University of Essex is an integral part of this strategy.”

KTPs support UK businesses wanting to improve their competitiveness, productivity and performance by accessing the knowledge and expertise available within UK universities and colleges. The collaboration also means Mondaq is hoping to set up an office in the University’s Parkside Office Village on the Knowledge Gateway.